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deep skin ton female model sitting on countertop in green kitchen holding the fridge open with her foot and holding a beverage in her hand and pouring it onto the floor
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5 Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Hangovers are so 2021. Here’s what to sip when you want to keep it clean, based entirely on… aesthetics. (Taste, schmaste!)

Written On 2/1/2022

Dry January had its health benefits,

but that’s not the only reason we are excited as hell about the non-alcoholic bev trend. Holding one of those new, sleek cans or bringing that big ass bottle to a house party certainly has us feeling a little tipsyyyyy (in a way meaning excited and PUMPED but not actually intoxicated obvi). Smell you later Titos!

Is there a favorite? Can there even be a winner in this game of the aesthetically appetizing non-alcoholic bev craze? Drink responsibly!

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