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Pact is a non-profit collective mail back program out to make sure no beauty packaging ends up in landfills or the ocean.

real talk. size matters when it comes to recycling.
processing facilities are total size queens. anything smaller than a yogurt cup is hard for them process.
meaning most beauty products .... get more wish-cycling (aka hopes for the best) than actual recycling from a blue bin.

that’s where Pact comes in.

through the Pact mail back program, empty caliray beauty packages can be sent to Pact’s collection facility for repurposing. sending multiple materials at once to a facility designed to handle beauty packaging makes it easy for you and your fave products to go again & again.

good news is ....caliray boxes are uncoated. 100% FSC-certified post-consumer recycled paper and they CAN be recycled easily in those curbside bins. for everything else .... recycle with Pact.

female models arm holding a white netted bag containing rainbow assortment of toiletries

how it works

collect your products

  • 5 - 10 clean, empty packages
  • ok to ship multiple brands/types of product

download shipping label

  • caliray pays for the recycling cost
  • you pay for the shipping cost

send to Pact

  • drop off at any USPS location

click here to recycle with Pact.