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Taking nature lover to a whole new level

because let’s face it. sex on the beach is way more enjoyable when the air is fresh & the ocean is clean

using again & again is .... just as hot as the first time

we’re super into a green recycle lifestyle. like oops! i did it again .... on endless loop


post-consumer recycled materials as much as possible. wherever possible. bioplastics. like sugarcane eye pencil barrels and lip gloss tubes for smaller carbon impact than petroleum-based plastic. minimal decoration that allows for easy recycling. looking at you algae & veggie inks.

caliray come hell of high water mascaras and surfproof eye pencils on white background with shader overhead
plastic and trash collected into cubes
ocean with side of cliffs and palm trees

sustainability is just attitude + action


feels like a burning hot desire to minimize our impact. because we’re down to get fcked. just not by the planet.


feels like being on top .... of every detail. product. process. packaging detail & grinding our way to a blue check mark for eco responsibility.

for sure. you’re right. the most sustainable thing to do is not exist. but until folks decide to only put avocado on their face .... something’s gotta be done. it’s an imperfect journey. and we’re working hard to figure it out.

Material Philosophy

going for earth day approved

when you design with the environment in mind .... it turns out .... Kermit was right. being green is HARD AF. but we’re not afraid of hard. in fact we like it like that. and we love giving our products // processes // packaging a new life. recycled & reusable aren’t just marketing terms to us. we’ll take the trash. and try to make it treasure.

bush of pink flowers against a blue sky shot from below

turn ons

aka what we're into & why
  • this is plastic that had a life before .... so we’re not making more when we use it. it comes from both the land and ocean, and we shoot for the highest percentage we can .... it’s not as easy to get as virgin plastic .... and sometimes the material is a funky color .... but we are willing to work hard to source it.

  • all of our boxes use 100% paper that has been recycled. we don’t use any shiny or soft-touch coatings or foils so that it can be recycled again and not turn into trash.

  • instead of toxic petroleum - sugarcane is the source for the resin in our bioplastics. sugarcane plants remove carbon from the air as they grow .... but it’s important to make sure natural habitats aren’t destroyed to grow sugarcane.

  • when packaging is made up of many different plastics and materials .... it’s hard to recycle. mono-material packaging is the same plastic through and through .... ensuring that recycling can happen. even more of a turn on when it’s made of a significant % of PCR plastic.

  • how packaging gets decorated affects whether - and how easily - it can be recycled. we always decorate so that the packaging can be recycled again. we avoid high pollution processes like metallization .... it sure makes for a pretty package but it’s not only toxic .... it renders the packaging un-recyclable. we print our boxes with soy inks and our shipping boxes with algae ink.

  • we are 100% willing to use unused packaging .... cancelled launch? a new direction? packaging just sitting there ready to get thrown in the dumpster? we’ll take it and make it our own. call us .... we believe in being born again.

  • the dream is a real carbon neutral space .... but in the meantime, we work out of our vintage little beach house .... letting the ocean breeze keep us cool to minimize energy consumption. we buy carbon offsets to help start reducing our carbon footprint and offer our customers the option to offset the shipping of their purchase through our partnership with Cloverly.

  • infinitely recyclable .... almost 75% of all the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

  • clear glass is highly recyclable and a material we love. we don’t frost .... colorize or metallize our glass because that renders this super-recycler un-recyclable.

deep skin tone female model looking into mirror applying caliray come hell or high water mascara

Ingredient Philosophy

you are what you wear

we put the same loving // glowing ethos into our ingredients. and we formulate everything according to the latest CLEAN AT SEPHORA standards. what? a girl can dream of being in Sephora. AND .... there are some things that we JUST SAY NO to. forever. visit our FAQs for a full list of the ingredients we never use.

turn offs

aka sht we never use
  • endocrine disrupters that can negatively impact female reproductive health

  • can clog pores and trigger acne breakouts - causing irritation - especially for sensitive skin types

  • accumulate in the skin and can cause hormonal imbalances that negatively impact reproductive health

  • strip the skin of its natural moisturizing oils leaving it dry. tight .... and prone to irritation

  • can be inhaled into the lungs or penetrate into the skin - potentially entering the bloodstream where they can linger

  • bad for the environment. can persist from the bathroom into the oceans and pose a threat to aquatic ecosystems.

  • can be inhaled and cause irritation and inflammation in the respiratory system

  • endocrine disrupter that can leach into formulas and negatively impact reproductive health

  • can clog pores and worsen breakouts especially for those with acne-prone skin

  • can cause skin discoloration and irritation

  • persist and bioaccumulate in the environment which can be harmful to aquatic life

  • highly toxic when absorbed into the skin. can negatively impact organ health & cause skin irritation.

Partner Organizations

logo of pact beauty packaging recycling program
recycle your beauty packaging

Pact is a non-proft collective mailback program out to make sure no beauty packaging ends up in landfills or in the ocean.

real talk. size matters when it comes to recycling. processing facilities are total size queens. anything smaller than a yogurt cup is hard for them to process. meaning .... most beauty products get more wish-cycling (aka hopes for the best) than actual recycling from a blue curbside bin.

coming soon: enabling customers to purchase carbon offsets directly during the caliray checkout

upcycling ocean plastic and ocean- bound plastic for caliray packaging materials

Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil

minimizing the impact of palm oil cultivation & ensuring sustainable souring of caliray ingredients

Forest Stewardship Council

certifying use of recycled paper for caliray packaging and protecting forests for future generations

Future Goals


  • plastic neutral certification
  • climate neutral certification
  • carbon neutral certification
  • plant based in-store merchandising


  • carbon negative
  • plastic negative @ Caliray HQ