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5 Best Places to Get a Tattoo in LA

Getting something permanent on your body is a big deal, so take the time to research all the amazing options out there. We’re here to lend a helping hand folks!

Written On 3/21/2022

Post-pandemic, we are all looking to find ways to live life to the fullest, starting with how we take on self-expression.

Whether it’s a new hairstyle or a bold fashion move, time is of the essence to go creative or go home.

That brings us to the most timeless accessory that has been used over centuries to express ourselves and share stories with others: tattoos. While this doesn’t begin to cover the amazing options throughout and around LA, we hope our list gets your creative juices flowing.

For first timers:

Outer Limits Tattoo

Outer Limits is the oldest continuously operated tattoo shop in the United States and the second oldest in the world. You can read more about their super cool history here. Moral of the story: if you're thinking about ink, head to Outer Limits' Long Beach location to check out their historic museum so you can immerse yourself in the tattoo community before making the big decision.

For Inspiration:

Shamrock Social Club

The owner and main artist at The Shamrock Social Club, Mark Mahoney, has been tattooing since the underground punk scene of the 70s up to the mainstream art trends in Hollywood today. This is a majorly in-demand ink establishment in L.A., so while it might be hard to get an appointment, it’s worth a look at their Insta for some inspo.

To Channel Your Artsy Side:

Memoir Tattoo

Memoir Tattoos is in the Beverly/Fairfax district. When not tattooing, they host a painting studio and creative space for resident and guest artists. They focus on personalized tattoos and accept some openings for walk-ins, but we def suggest you book ahead!

Support A Female-Friendly Business:

Ink Ink Tattoo

It’s Women’s History Month baby so hit up this female-owned tattoo shop. It’s not only the oldest tattoo studio in Venice, it’s also one of the oldest woman-owned tattoo shops in the nation. Damn. That’s impressive.

The Quintessential Tattoo Experience:

American Electric Tattoo Company

Head over to Silverlake for this tattoo shop. They’re cash only and have a range of cool artists to explore and choose from. Check out two of their most popular artists, Jake and Mike. You know we love our options!

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