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Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

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5 Masks That You Can Multitask In

You can take your $300, slippy-slidey Hannibal Lector looking number and shove it. Two separate steps? I’ma need my money back...

Written On 1/28/2022

Let's be real: We've all heard way more than we ever wanted to about masks in general for the last few years.

(Did you ever anticipate that you would become familiar with the difference between a KN95 and a surgical mask? We certainly did not.)

But while the aforementioned category can cause “mascne”—not to mention a lot of drama/heartbreak—masks that live in the beauty world offer us magical moments to make our skin look and feel way better. That said, some masks have gotten really complicated. Sure, maybe you can take a leisurely moment, but most of the time, you have shit to do! Here are masks we love that give you the most bang for your buck while you simultaneously accomplish other great tasks.

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