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Are you more of a peppy vetiver type or a groovy ganja qween? Discover which scent is your absolute jam.

Written On 3/30/2022

For lack of a better word, essential oils are just kind of timeless in every way.

Since WAY back when, OG scent lovers have leveraged the power of distilled plant matter to soak up the mysterious (just kidding, now scientifically proven) benefits of aromatherapy. Because there are so many different kinds of vegetation and the medicinal high fives are so insanely vast, the world of essential oils is a fckn big one. Why, the list of topical, neurological, olfactory and strangely, even entomological implications are varied and far-reaching. But! Let’s focus. Here, a few of our favorite go-to’s to get you started.


Look, don’t call us #basic for leading with one of the most popular EO’s of all time. It is what it is. Even though the ancient Egyptian King Tut was apparently buried with several gallons of this sht in his tomb, Americans might be most familiar with this classic from the more recent hippie era. But like, it’s a can’t stop, won’t stop moment. (Fun fact: In 1989, Madonna had drops of patchouli applied to “Like a Prayer” CDs and cassettes to add all the vibes.) Why do people across all ages and cultures seem to drift towards this slightly intense-smelling situation? Hard to say, but there is definitely a strong and sexy element to this scent. It’s heady, kind of sweet, and pungent enough to mask the sickest of body and/or other odors. Added bonus: It makes for a really pleasant natural bug repellant, which is very cool.

Oh hai, you like patchouli shaken and stirred with a bit of oud? Check out:


This guy smells, quite frankly, like the essence of green. GREEN in all caps. It’s so fresh and so clean. In fact, several studies link its scent to increased mental alertness and yet, it’s soothing as well. (We’ll take both thanks!) Historically, it was also a gold standard in perfumery due to its appeal to multiple genders and its palette cleansing aesthetic. Again, and super weirdly, a 2015 study found vetiver—applied topically with a carrier oil—may be an effective tick repellant. What is up with all this bug stuff!?

A vetiver lover would be most stoked with:


Because—marijuana, obvi—cannabis flower may be one of the most studied plants on the planet right now. But here’s the thing: hemp benefits are off the charts, from both an environmental perspective to a feel-good inducing POV. In fact, cannabis essential oil is a freakin jack of all trades that’s been linked to pain reduction, stress and anxiety relief, digestive benefits, and both skin and haircare applications. Plus, you don’t have to be a stoner to appreciate its rich, earthy scent. Who wouldn’t be a fan? (PS. Obviously you’re waiting with bated breath to hear the insect connection but this one is reversed: neem essential oil is commonly used to deter bugs from cannabis plants, so, there ya go!)

Feel like ganja is your gorl? Go for:

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