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white marble kitchen countertop halved avocado, a bowl, and olive oil bottle
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How to Pick the Perfect Avocado

Written On 10/17/2021

okay friends, bring your beach chair and appetite because it's time we talk about the serious stuff….finding the perfect avocado (aka avo. aka the green goddess. aka yes, it costs extra).

because our beloved taco tuesday needs its trusty sidekick ….  spicy & electric guac. 

but how does one find the ripest avocado out of the deceiving pile in the grocery store? 

the people want to know! and it’s some straight-up goldilocks sht. because if you go to the bathroom at the wrong time …. and leave that fruit unattended …. it will rot. it’s science.

avo’s …. are all about the touch. well, actually, it's all about the squeeze. yes, baby, yes. 

so …. to start:

  1. hold the avocado in your hand of choice (lefty. righty. all types welcome.)
  2. giive it a leettleee squeeze … but remember, it's delicate. 

how does it feel? does it feel hard? like a dinosaur egg? is its skin bright green? if yes, ok, not a ripe one!

does it feel tough but a little softer than before? maybe the skin is dark greenish? sorry babe, still not a ripe one! just flirting with being ripe.

but hey... you can always plan ahead and leave it on your shelf to ripen in a day or two.

better to have an avo on the bench ready to sub in when you need her than have no players at all.

but back to the goddess in your hand. is it mushy? feel like an air-pockety-mess? indentable with your f/n finger? then, it's probably too ripe or about to go deep brown …. yuck!

is it soft enough that you can squeeze it, but you don't leave a dent with your super strength?

ding ding ding! winner winner chicken taco dinner.

like boys ii men once said … not too hard. not too soft.

Stay golden & avo on, friends.