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caliray founder wende zomnir wearing caliray clean beauty products in front of green bookcase
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Maximum Vibes, Minimal Effort

Beauty legend, hottie-with-a-bottie, and caliray founder Wende Zomnir breaks down the easiest beach babe look ever.

Written On 1/31/2022

Wende Zomnir is a LEGIT beauty icon

and we’re not just saying that because she is a big boss around these parts and pays us or whatever. Back in the day (the 90s actually), Wende broke the beauty industry with Urban Decay, which was the most irreverent and badass and punk rock cosmetics line ever. Now… caliray. Seriously, what can’t Wende do? We bow down.

In case you missed her @wendezomnir caliray makeup tutorial, we’d like to post it here where it will live for all eternity in case IG collapses someday, at which point obviously all hell will break loose.

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