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medium skin tone female model in blue bikini in front of blue sky drinking water from a reusable glass bottle

Photo: Mikhail Nilov

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Sexy Sustainability: 5 Reusable Water Bottles

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think that we can actually make an impact on climate change and the environment. But there are some small things that we CAN do. Like… stay hydrated!

Written On 2/23/2022

Your water bottle is always there when you need a fix.

It’s a thirsty sidekick at your beck and call and provides emotional support as needed. It’s easy to fill up, and easy to access. Your skin will love the extra dose of hydration, and our planet will love the extra dose of resources.

So, do yourself a little favor, and buy an f/n reusable bottle already.

The Trend Setter

Level up with one of S’well’s insulated bottles. We love how minimalist the design feels. The only drawback: It does not have a handy water bottle hook to attach it to belts and bags. Whatever. We love it.

The Straw Lover

The HydroFlask one ups the S’well insulation because it not only has that handy dandy hook, but also has options with a straw. Beware though, choosing the color is no easy feat.

The Sporty Type

This option is great for your inner hiker, (or just your leisurely-strolling self). There are so many different shapes and sizes to fit all versions of you throughout your day, whether work or play! Warning: Chewing too much on the Camelback rubber straw tops will destroy them (and become your new favorite past time). Don’t ask.

The Beach Buddy

This one is the perfect beach day water bottle. It stores TONS of water and the bright colors perfectly match the summertime vibes and that tie dye shirt you made last week. You can even accessorize your Nalgene by adding decals and other fun stickers you’ve collected.

The OG

Contigo NEVER fails. If we thought Camelback had all the shapes and sizes, why, Contigo may take the lead. Like our good friend Nalgene, their semi-transparent bottles make the perfect canvas for the random stickers you’ve collected from coffee shops and online shopping.

stay hydrated!