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Upgrade Your Stash With These Chic-As-Hell Weed Accessories

beauty blogger Sarah telesca
Written By Sarah Telesca
On 10/17/2021

Have you ever tried to decorate your apartment as a stoner? ….

A friend told us…. it can take some creative styling to avoid looking like your fratty younger bro isn’t crashing on the couch for “just a few days.” We’ve rounded up all the coolest stoner accessories that you’ll be proud to leave out, even in front of your mom…. mostly because she’ll never know (wink). 


Laundry Day

Women-owned and focused on giving back, Laundry Day has theeeeee most f/n gorgeous pipes, bowls, ashtrays, and even a few (actual) home decor pieces like flower cut-out pillows and bauble-y candles. Good luck trying to pick just one piece, cause you’re gonna want need everythiiiiing, from lighters to ashtrays.


House of Puff

Founded by a Latinx woman, House of Puff is clean. modern. colorful. and a member of the Floret Coalition (an anti-racist collective started by go-to weed mag Broccoli). Tbh, what more could you want? Check out their glossy, cool af coordinating one hitters, herb bowls, and rolling trays.


Jane Parade

Founded by Janelle Benjamin-Grant, a Black entrepreneur doing big things in the weed space. Look for their cute offerings like this chill sesh candle, 70s glam gold foil “smoke” matches, and pearly joint holders for your twilight-on-the-beach-as-the-moon-shines puffs.



You gotta peep their Shroomie Herb grinder (it’s handmade, btw). It’s the cutest, smoothest lil thing you’ve seen since…. well, when did you last see your ex? 



stonedwear 80s modern style orange and teal weed poker accessories on blue counter with pink background

Ready. Set. Geo! Pipes, that is. Stonedwear makes adorable pokers, bowls, and of course, pipes that will fit with your golden 80s-modern vibe. They also donate to tons of cool af inclusive organizations so you can smoke with your conscience.



CannaStyle is a women-owned ethical small business that will make you feel like a kid again, in the best ways. Their firecracker popsicle pipes look good enough to eat and would be so perfect for your poolside-summer-sun-soaked-sprinkler-filled days.



Imagine. Sun is setting in Tuscany. You and your best pals are sitting on the terazza, taking in the last rays on your sunkissed skin. Each of you fresh out of a shower and post-evening joint. Italian brand Aerbae is here to bring you that Cali-Italian (CalItalian, if you please) vibe every evening with their classy af marble smoking accessories. You can chill in style knowing every piece is made sustainably— lemme hear a helllll yeah. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your new weedscapes, folks. 

happy decorating