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California city skyline Los Angeles with street close up and city in the background
california made me do it

Why Some Folks Loathe and Leave California

beauty blogger Sarah telesca
Written By Sarah Telesca
On 10/17/2021

Okay…. so we all know that California is beautiful.

Just sweeping vistas and sunset-strip-glitz and top-notch restaurants galore. Attractions. Venues. Events. Sports. Lights. Glamour. Celebs. Kale. The latest non-dairy milks. Sht …. Ok. Maybe it’s great.

NO. STAY FOCUSED. There’s also some undreamy sht happening. See: wildfires. Also, droughts, and most-expensive-rent-in-the-country contenders (looking at you San Francisco. WTF. San Jose. SMH. Los Angeles. FML). But before you get carried away…. We’re allowed to complain because we love the dmn place!

Oh sht …. Here it is. Rant OVERLOOOOAD

  • See “low $700,000s” ads for homes. Coolcoolcoolcool. 
  • The reality of tent camps. And capitalism. But whateveritsfineimfine.
  • Taking FOREVER to get anywhere. (Even more frustrating bc we know where we’re going is gooooood)
  • Planning your life around traffic. Take the 405 to the 10 to the 110 to the—  
  • Repeated wildfires.
  • Apocalyptic orange skies.  
  • Heat waves. Hope you have AC. But we already know you don't. 
  • Also, air pollution.
  • Also, really loud seagulls taking shts on your car.
  • Also, earthquakes. Though TBH, they're not that bad if you’re used to them….
  • Also, the worst dating scene ever (pro tip: no DJs …. Brandon’s are trouble too).
  • Aka the very attractive yet very unfriendly types.
  • And the perpetual flaking. 
  • Also, unreliable or non-existent public transit.
  • Also, parking. I’ll just drop you off, if that’s cool……. 

Just your average-basic-everday-existence-activities-that-have-turned-into-problems type of stuff. You know. Living. Breathing. Loving. Getting around.

BUT … The crazy thing is …. lots of people you meet in California …. Aren’t actually from California. They moved from somewhere else. This place has a way of doing that. Draws you in with its sheer beauty & sense of possibility. Cause honestly? Every place has problems…. But not every place has what California has.

All that being said….we still couldn’t imagine living anywhere else! 

Anything we missed? Pop off, in the comments, friends….

stay golden