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How to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Day Look

all the turkey-day inspo you need to win best dressed, yet again

beauty blogger Sarah telesca
Written By Sarah Telesca
On 11/19/2021

ah, thanksgiving.

whatever your plans are …. from hanging with family, friends, randos at the bar, …. there’s no harm in being the well-dressed one. so if you need some outfit inspo …. we got you covered!


babydoll dress

(room for seconds, anyone?) obviously the most important quality in a thanksgiving outfit is roominess and comfort. a dress with lots of volume is trendy and statement-making but is comfy enough to lounge around post-dessert!


retro jumpsuit

since you’ll prooooobably be inside all day with your bffs & fam (aka a no judgement zone), take this opportunity to try a daring piece, like a retro jumpsuit!


cozy but cool sweater paired with chic pants

let alllll the textures and colors in your closet loose! thanksgiving is a perfect time to get funky with your outfit. these pants from tyler mcgillivary and sweater-pants combo from nong rak are, like, so heart-eyes.


oversized blazer or mini dress styled over fun tights and shoes

the perfect look for holding cocktails and coupes of champagne. style with your most fun colored or patterned tights or shoes and be on your way (to instagram fame?)!


glam dress and boots

everyone agreed to dress up for friendsgiving? throw on your favorite fancy dress, cute boots, a fun coat for the commute, and get ready to chow!


mini crop top and ultra-high waisted skirt

perfect for warmer weather or overactive radiators, this combo is understated yet pulled together and non-restrictive. pleaseandthankyou! 

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