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The Art of the Redirect

Written On 10/18/2021

I’ve always been a pretty direct person.

If we’re friends, you’ll always know if your fly is down or if there’s kale in your teeth post-brunch. With that said, I’m basically an expert at the art of the redirect— whether it’s turning around an awkward situation or avoiding talking about a sore subject, I have a few ideas for your next I-need-a-get-out-of-jail-free-card moment. 

  • When you run into an acquaintance and don’t have the mental capacity to tell another soul how your past year was:
    How are you? - Look at that cute dog across the street! How are you?
  • When your boss asks about that overdue project:
    Almost there! How’s that bathroom renovation going? (when you fully know how it’s going…. Because everyone at work knows.) 
  • When your professor asks if anyone has questions at the end of class and everyone pitches in to come up with a question in the hopes that prof forgets to collect the assignment.
  • When your maybe-a-little-slightly-too-pushy aunt keeps asking you about your lack of relationship status:
    You have some spinach in your teeth, aunty.
  • When your new flame asks if you still have feelings for your ex:
    Your hair is all blown around from the wind, here, lemme fix it.
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