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3 female models and 2 male models sitting on couch holding sparklers and looking at each other during Friendsgiving

california made me do it

Caliray’s Characters of Friendsgiving

is it really a friendsgiving without some free range strange?

Written On 11/20/2021

bring your beach chair + appetite, it’s fckn friendsgiving!

blood may be thicker than water (they say) but when it comes down to it, our friends are often there when the going gets tough... and no one can deny the sappiness of a friendsgiving or the friend feuding that can come along with it.

the host. they’re a true homie for putting up with everyone. they’re humble and kind but also a bit paranoid and will make you take off your shoes

the glue. when the feud starts in the planning group chat they’re there to remind everyone they’re absurd and ridiculous .... and everyone loves each other…. best to keep a glass of wine handy for them. keeping the crew together can be draining AF   

the speech giver. once two sips of the first drink are down they’re getting up to give a tooassstttt (one that’s just as long and unnecessary as the letters in tooasssttt)

the neurotic planner who wanted to make sure there was a clear plan about who was bringing what and paying for what. they texted to remind you of your responsibilities for Friendsgiving not two days before but every week in November leading up to the occasion …. uses words like “hence” and loves excel sheets.

the moocher who somehow got away with putting in no work… including cleaning up… again! we love them though because they always bring the vibe even though they always show up empty-handed …. and irish goodbye when no one is looking

the “let me tell you about my S.O.” friend who showed up only to talk about their S.O. … but you’ve prepped yourself and know how to tune it out and pretend like you care …. *cue double date invites and vacation planning*

the comic. they’re ready to roast the turkey you didn’t buy and everyone at the table. no one leaves Friendsgiving unscathed. they take their humor ability seriously

lastly… but certainly not least is the attention-loving friend who showed up in a lavish outfit ready for pictures to post all over the internet and with the newest trend (probably the caliray surf proof pencil… ya we went there) on them.

stay golden