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hand holding reusable white net tote bag

Photo: Sinitta Leunen

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Sexy Sustainability: 5 Best Reusable Bags

Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think that we can actually make an impact on climate change and the environment. But there are some small things that we CAN do. Like… rocking reusable bags like we mean it! (And we do.)

Written On 3/9/2022

Yes we love TJ’s.

Yes we love a shopping outing. Yes we love a makeup haul. Yes we love the farmer’s market. But we hate all their paper and plastic bags! YUCKKKK.

Let’s also not forget plastic and paper bags are also hard to fckn carry. And is it just me or do the handles alwayssss break on you!? Two hands are never enough.

Enter the canvas/linen/hemp/cotton whatever-material-you-got tote. Here’s why we love them:

  1. They make you look like you know where the fck you are going and what you are doing. (They can also make any errands outfit look better.)
  2. You can hold at least like three on each shoulder…. without them breaking from your fresh grocery/shopping items.
  3. Not using plastic bags helps reduce your plastic intake and gives love to the environment.

Other than collecting totes whenever you hit up your fav local stores, here are some options to get you started:

The Happy Gurl

It’s always great to support small businesses while helping the planet.

The Classic

Pro Tip: Customize one to say whatever you want. Monogram is out, but labeling your L.L Bean bag with “Prada” is IN.

The Complex Individuals

But let’s not forget about the importance of the bag WITHIN the bag. Being a reusable bag rockstar takes more than just a side tote. There are tons of small bags like this one from Grove that are made for holding your fresh veggies. Say goodbye to those lame plastic situations at the grocery store and say hello to these washable ones.

The Takeout Box Replacement

We just love all the patterns and designs Baggu offers. Picking up a to-go order? Storing random sht? In comes Baggu to save the day.

The Ziploc Alternative

Stasher is the best for small items like your trail mix, toiletries, charges, and more. These fit perfectly in any bigger bag and their color selection is so off the chain.

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