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light skin tone female model standing on beach in yellow sweater holding colorful striped beach chair

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio

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5 Radical Sweaters We Heart

Wherever you live, it’s mutha-effin SWEATA WEATHA. Game on!

Written On 2/14/2022

It seems like we can’t scroll through the Gram these days without being constantly bombarded by cool new DTC brands that sell incredibly dope-looking sweaters.

Like, these aren’t your grandma’s twinsets. Why, there are so many fuzzy, cozy options, and we’d like to bring a few of them to your attention right now!


Okay okay okay this is not *technically* a sweater per se but we had to throw a shout out to our mates at MATE, which makes sustainable, organic essentials right here in good old LA. It’s “clean fashion,” if you will (and you WILL). They’re especially known for their thermals, which is a transitional, dip your toe into the sweet, warm waters of sweater rocking moment.


NAADAM has made a name for itself selling what they call “the fairest cashmere” on the market. How fair is it? Well. If you call gently brushing Mongolian goats, grabbing the excess raw fibers that fall from said goats, then spinning them into a super soft yarn for your wearing pleasure, then that seems pretty fair to us! This affordable option comes in a gajillion different colors, but we think the Camel option makes us look classy AF.


We love a classic fisherman style, which has evolved from an old-school boyfriend standby to the modern non-binary, smart looking staple that it is today. The sporty fisherman is usually on the thicker side, oversized, and READY FOR ANYTHING, and looks especially cool over a lighter summer dress or especially hot as a bathing suit cover up. Made with organic cotton at a fair trade factory in India? We can endorse this message. Keep it real and go for navy.


The social socialites of the digital world are all over this voluminous, button-it-up-or-button-it-down sweater that looks like it was made especially for easy living on Saturdays, Sundays, and all the other days. It also feels like a big warm hug and makes you feel like you should maybe take a nap, or just leisurely peruse the paper in front of the fireplace. It’s on the spendier side of #sweaterlife, but not so crazy if you consider you will probably end up wearing it every day. So.


Ah, the classic alpaca. It’s undeniably the most sweater-y of all sweaters, and gives you a cool, jetsetting vibe. And speaking of vibes, as far as the classic alpaca style goes, this option has ALL THE VIBEEESSS. It’s super organic: The color of the fibers themselves come from the natural hairs of these adorable animals, and the sweater is hand-knit by a Bolivian co-op of farmers and artisans in the traditional Andean design. So feeling it.

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