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Photo: Darina Belonogova

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Spring Fashion FMK

As the ugly and bulky winter puffers we’ve relied on for warmth and survival move to the back of our closet, we still need a reliable jacket that will carry us through the many phases of the seriously unpredictable spring day. In waltz in the classic sidekicks: the vest, the leather jacket and the jean jacket.

Written On 4/4/2022

The typical spring situation consists of the following:

the morning is chilly (perhaps so cold that we think it’s still winter for a brief moment), the middle of the day spurs sweats, and the early evening has the perfect coolness. It is HARD to manage the mood—and by that I mean weather—swings that come with the spring season.

But! This time of year offers the perfect testing ground needed for all of us outerwear-enthusiasts out there. Which will you choose to FMK (short for “fck, marry or kill,” for those of you who like, never played this most delicious game) between the vest, leather jacket or jean jacket, hmm?

Fck the vest

This might be a hot take, but fck the vest! Streetwear is everything these days, and a bright colored or perfectly puffed vest looks hotttt but doesn’t feel too hot as a spring day transitions from chilly to warm. It allows you to wear something bulky underneath, like a big sweater, or dress lighter and still feel cozy.

Try out this bright pink Free People vest or this pale blue ASOS vest. Just because it retains the puff of winter’s past, doesn’t mean it can’t embrace the floral fun of spring’s future.

And damn, does the bright pink vest look AMAZING with the Rainbow Blow sweatshirt or what.

Marry the leather jacket

The leather jacket is a forever type of thing. Throw it on and it instantly pulls your outfit together and as time has told, obvi just makes you look cool. Dress up leggings or yoga pants with it or layer over a dress. It’s dependable when the temperature dips and is perfect to wear as you merge from your day-to-night activities. Also, don’t forget how many different style options you have, from biker to blazer.

Kill the denim jacket

We know denim is a forever staple, and it’s not that we don’t love her. She just isn’t the first off the bench for the springtime game. We prefer her for when the weather turns just a tad warmer and we are kicking it back by the beach. TTYL denim jacket.

 (Okay okay okay but if you must, how about this “blanket lined” (!!!) menswear option?)

stay warm