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closeup of female model feet wearing black slides and blue jeans standing on beige natural fiber carpet
west coast style

5 Cool and Comfy Slides We Want Now

What feels like a flip flop but looks like ah-million bucks?!

Written On 1/28/2022

A few years ago, the Fashion Powers That Be collectively hung up their stilettos and decided that flat slides were all that and a bag of gluten-free chips.

After so many decades of the higher-the-heel-the-closer-to-god, it was time for a new, more laid back silhouette, or hell, maybe their feet were just tired. (That really could be the case.) But whatever: What once seemed like a passing trend is clearly here to stay, as once you start rocking flats, you’ll never go back to pinchy, uncomfortable footwear again. Here, some options!

stay comfy