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two light skin tone female models smiling in black and white snow suits on snowy mountain side holding a hand in the air wearing black beanies and white goggles on their head

Photo: Tiffany Bui

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Shop the Winter Olympics 2022 STYLE

Some people watch the games for the sports. Others love the sweet, sweet steez.

Written On 2/4/2022

You guys, it’s that time, and we could all use the distraction.

We’re talking snowy, winter realness. And while the temps may be cold, the athletes are looking HOT!

Here in California, we already have mighty big heart for athleisure, but there’s something about Olympics #inspo that takes our love of comfortable, functional wear to the next lev. Here, a few favorite lewks.


Like gymnastics in the summer, figure skating is arguably the most popular winter sport, especially for the ladies and many of our friends from the LGBTQ+ community who appreciate mad style. (Fun fact: Queer Eye’s JVN is a former ice skater!) And from our girl Michelle Kwan to the fashion icon that is Johnny Weir, the Americans know WHAT’S UP when it comes to adorning that most basic staple that is the leotard. But know this: Even if you have no clue what the difference is between a triple axle and a lutz, please understand that leotards look good on everyone. This most body-con moment looks great with jeans, and if you’ve got legs and know how to use them, pair with a quarter-length jacket and heels. CHIC!


Look, there’s no question who the cool kids of the winter games are: it’s the snowboarders, obvi. These are the only athletes that you can imagine totally smoke weed during their downtime (or possibly during their “uptime” as well, why not?). They belong to an elite and dope crew that we are familiar with on the west coast—the skaters and surfers—and their stiles are copied for miles. Take a page from their casually sporty, baggy playbook and rock an anorak. There is no better cold-weather investment you can make: Whether you’re hitting the slopes or just the cold streets of NYC, this coat will keep you feeling warm and looking cool. We heart Burton, the OG.


The snowboarders’ slightly less radical but totally badass cousins, the skiers, all know how to rock a jumpsuit. Think about it: While this uniform works in all fabrics and across seasons, the winter version makes the most sense of them all. You can layer all of your warmest underoos beneath (more on that later), suit up, and… THAT’S IT. Dressing has never been easier, and this is truly a day-to-night moment that says you value form and function! We are love, love, LOVING this very caliray-esque black number with its groovy rainbow accents and killer name.


We’re not sure there’s actually a sport where Moon Boots are required (pretty sure not), but they ARE definitely the preferred footwear of chic spectators looking to exude style while tromping between arenas through the harsh snow and ice. Originally invented in the 1960s, celebs like Hailey Beebs and Dua Lipa have recently brought the Moon Boot back for Winter 2022, and we have to admit they certainly do make the bland cold weather staple that is the snow boot look as fun as it gets.


Apparently, Kim K’s shapewear brand is the official undergarment outfitter for Team USA. (Seriously, is there ANY thing this woman hasn’t touched?!?) So obvi, SKIMS has launched a capsule collection of loungewear and jammies in good old red, white, and blue, and TBH it’s not bad at all. We’re especially fond of these joggers to sport during all of our various off-duty moments. God bless America!

happy olympics